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CT General Statues


The purpose is to connect private duty homemaker companion services to persons in need. The service provider will be working directly for the registry’s client and receiving guidance and direction from the registry’s client. Washington Home Care LLC is not the employer of the service provider, nor will Washington Home Care LLC have responsibility for the governmental or regulatory filings in connection with the services provided. Registry clients sometimes treat those providing services as independent contractors and file IRS Form 1099 to report amounts paid to caregivers directly for services. Other times, registry clients may be considered an employer under the law. If that is the case, our clients may be held responsible for the payment of federal and state taxes, Social Security, overtime and minimum wage, unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, insurance payments and any other applicable payment required under state or federal law.

The advise to our clients is to consult a trusted tax adviser regarding tax and filing recommendations to strictly adhere to tax and regulatory compliance.

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